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May 04, 2011 | Post by: Mabelle 1 Comments

Rediscovering Scrapbook Trends

The first and only issue I have of Scrapbook Trends was back in May 2005 with Valerie Salmon on the cover.  I bought it during my trip to Toronto and San Francisco where I raided a couple of scrapbook stores.  Aside from stocking up on scrapbook materials, I also bought several SB magazines that weren’t available locally at that time.  One of them was Scrapbook Trends magazine.

To be honest, I was not impressed when I first flipped through the pages of Scrapbook Trends.  I have long forgotten about this magazine until last month.

I got a hold of the April 2007 issue of Scrapbook Trends courtesy of Bookoto’s Sheryl Martinez.  And you know what; I was pleasantly surprised to see a totally different magazine.  It was a far cry from the issue that I owned.

For one thing, the size is quite unique.  Scrapbook Trends magazine measures approximately 8” x 8” as compared to the usual 8 ½” x 11” size of regular SB magazines.  The square shaped look made its debut in the December 2006 issue.  Because of its size, you can easily fit the mag inside your purse without worrying about creasing it or ending up with folded page corners.  (If you’re like me who handle my magazines with the utmost care, this is something you would appreciate).

Going through an issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine is like looking at an idea book; from the high quality of the paper to the number of pages and to the contents.  Aside from their regular features on photography, tips and techniques, mini albums, monthly projects and more, the magazine is loaded with page after page of layouts, cards and others.   Each creation is allotted an entire page with a description of how it was made and includes a list of materials used.  Each work is beautifully photographed and set against a backdrop that complements the theme or look of the layout.  But unlike other publications which tend to feature celebrity scrappers, this magazine publishes works created by their readers – regular scrappers just like us.  It is for this reason too that I like Scrapbook Trends.

Sometimes, I find it a bit discouraging and intimidating when I gawk at the amazing pages made by celebrity scrappers.  Instead of being inspired, I am left feeling unsure if I can emulate what these high profile scrappers do.  But seeing the works featured on Scrapbook Trends, I am encouraged to create my own layouts, simply because I can easily relate to how their pages are done.  Although not quite as complicated or as cutting edge as those we see in other magazines, the layouts in Scrapbook Trends are equally artistic and creative.  And isn’t that the point of buying scrapbook magazines?  To help us get out of our creative rut instead of pushing us further down the abyss of an artistic block?

Another thing I find quite refreshing with Scrapbook Trends is the unobtrusive placement of their ads.  The bulk of the ads are placed on the last pages of the magazine with only a few making their way in between layout features. While other publications bombard you with one advertisement after the other in practically every other page of their magazine, Scrapbook Trends spares you from that “annoyance.”  I don’t know about you but isn’t it better to appreciate works of art rather than to see nothing but product ads?

The only thing that might serve as a deterrent from buying this magazine is its price.  At PHP 950.00 per issue, Scrapbook Trends is one of the most expensive titles out in the market today.  But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  I suggest you try one issue and judge for yourself if it’s worth the price you paid for.  (I think it is)

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