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Meaningful christmas tree ornaments



Airees’ ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. Once again, she finds creative use for another ready to be thrown away item. I know of people who use damaged CDs as coasters. But Airees’ alternative use for them has a better purpose. And, it’s something that will be beneficial to everyone in the family. Defective CDs are transformed into Christmas ornaments, with a scrap booking twist. — Anj


A Christmas Tree that Tells a Story

Back in the days when I used to burn a lot of music CDs, I also accumulated a lot of damaged ones. I didn’t throw them away because for one thing, I didn’t know where or how to properly dispose of them the eco-friendly way. Secondly, I had a feeling I would find use for them in some form or the other. And so I kept them for years!

As early as September, we put up our Christmas tree and other decorations around the house. I like to savor the spirit of Christmas longer because it brings back happy memories of my family in this very same house we live in. This year, I was hoping to decorate our Christmas tree with new trimmings, but it would cost me an arm and a leg if I buy them from the mall. My hubby would definitely not be merry.

So I ended up using the same decors from the previous years. But deep down inside, I really wanted to do something different.

When I thought about my next project for this column, my good old defective CDs which have been sitting on the shelf came to mind. Then it occurred to me – why not make Christmas tree ornaments with pictures of my family members? This would be a great way for my kids to get to know our other relatives who now live miles away from us.

Let’s get started. Gather your favorite pictures – the ones that tell a story. I thought about using photos with family and friends from past Christmases so my kids will remember how it was on a certain year. I also selected a picture card which was sent to us last Christmas by a family friend living overseas.

Materials include: defective CDs, patterned papers, cardstocks, glue (preferably the wet type), foam squares, ribbons, gold cord or thread, stickers and other embellishments. Tools needed: scissors, pencil, pen, stapler and craft hand drill. Optional tools are: die-cutting machine or tag maker, rubber/acrylic stamps and stamp pads.


•  Use the CD as the template for your patterned papers and cardstocks. For this project, I used Christmas-themed paper on one side and plain cardstock on the other side.

•  Cut and glue on the CDs – patterned paper on one side and plain cardstock on the other side. You can ink the sides for added dimension. Set aside.

•  Cut out your photos. You can mat them on plain cardstock to make them stand out. I added some foam squares at the back for some dimension. Adhere to side of the CD that’s covered with patterned paper. Embellish as you please. Note: leave some space at the top of the CD for the holes.

•  The plain side of the CD will be for your journaling. It doesn’t have to be long; just say a little something about the picture. You can use tags and put ribbons or write directly on the cardstock. You can do the usual who, what, why, when, where and how regarding the photo. Or, you can get sentimental and talk about the feelings these pictures invoke whenever you look at them. You can also use stickers and stamps for additional embellishment.

•  Drill 2 holes at the top of the CD using a craft drill with the smallest drill bit. Thread the gold cord through the holes and close it with a double knot. Now you have a hanging Christmas ornament!

This project will help your kids remember all your loved ones and the happy memories they bring. Your Christmas tree can also serve as a good conversation piece in the house. Guests will be drawn to your unique ornaments. Most likely, they will look at the photos and read the story behind each one. As you continue to add more of these ornaments through the years, your Christmas tree will not only be a mere decoration in your home but it will also become your family’s “storyteller” for generations to come.

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